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Pre-Christmas Parties, Christmas card pictures and the like...

Once again, I played in the OMA curling Bonspiel in early December with Tom Crichton and Tony Barozzino. I made a a Youtube video which pretty much says it all.

IMGP6048 IMGP6050_2

Jacqueline attended Art Classes at the Station Gallery in the Fall. Her sculpture was on Display at a larger Art Exhibition just before Christmas. It was a judged competition.IMGP6111
The title of her piece was “Flexibility is Key”


The Club was done up very nicely for Christmas, and Santa made an appearance (he is a Member). Of course, my embroidered snowman and wreath pants were the high water mark of everyone’s Christmas experience. Mom and Dad, Kathy, Stephen, Virginia, Rachel and Sam joined us for a hearty brunch. Dad arrived after his 5km Santa Shuffle, ready for a beer. Luckily, we had some. IMGP6080IMGP6100IMGP6087

The extended family got together for the yearly Christmas Party at Lynn and David’s new home in Caledon. Of course, my pants and I were again the height of Christmas Cheer. This was the first time many of us had seen the wonders of their new home.
After lunch, David discussed with me his elaborate plans to murder the beaver that has taken up residence in his lake/pond. I later confirmed the beaver is a protected species, thereby saving David from incarceration and hopefully firming up an invitation for next years party.

Durham EndoSurgery Centre Christmas Party
We had an excellent evening at Coppinwood, with over 45 people in attendance. Once again, my pants and I ruled the festivities in a benign and enlightened way. Highlights also included the mandatory haikus I had requested (in my benign and enlightened fashion) from each table. Each haiku had to be on the subject of colonoscopy. Drinks by the fire before and after dinner were nice, too.

Gran’s .... ( ahem) “[x2 + 2x - 10] th Birthday“ (solution, x=8)
Gran turned 29 this year. In 20 years, Jacqueline will overtake her. All the grandchildren were in attendance, and we stayed overnight. There were some bunk bed hijinks.

And with all those things under our belt, we started the Christmas Holidays on December 20th, with the kids out of school, and both Laurie and I off work for a full two weeks. The Christmas lights on the big tree outside were put up in relative warmth, and the new fireplace in the great room was cleaned and stocked with dry hardwood. Gingerbread houses were made, and the wine cellar was stuffed to overflowing...........
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