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Christmas Holidays 2008

Christmas Holidays were the perfect break.....lots of sleeping in. It was a nice blend of mixing with friends and family, and the sometimes more solitary (but satisfying) organization of our own lives for the coming year.

Mom and Dad were here for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. We left for Kingston for 2 nights, visited with the Wherrett family entire, and returned to decompress and play with our toys. It’s now only 2 days until the ‘real world’ starts up again. While we have a certain talent for relaxation, I think we are all sort of looking forward to a routine. And HEY! the days are getting longer, so Summer is just around the corner.DSCF0081Hk hatDSCF0083DSCF0085DSCF0086DSCF0088DSCF0094DSCF0228DSCF0250DSCF0251IMGP5199IMGP5204IMGP5207IMGP5228
The Christmas season started with a Breakfast with Santa at Casa Loma. Jacqueline and George were impressed with Santa’s whiskers. You can see by the photographs that George is the only one being VERY closely questioned by Santa. SNOW-MAGEDON came on December 20, and enabled us to bring Frosty back to life just in time for Christmas. Note that Frosty has upgraded his pipe from corncob to briar, and is smoking outdoors in a designated area, and on his break.IMGP5246IMGP5248
( Below) Christmas morning! The kids slept in until 8:30, which, sadly, will not happen again for about 10 years. We got the fire going, and the kids opened their stockings. The middle photo shows just how fast they raced down the stairs. Usain Bolt has nothing on them.IMGP5250IMGP5251
General inspection of the gifts, Santa brought Jacqueline a camera, and George D-Rex, the animatronic carnivore. Santa brought Laurie a chainsaw. Laurie showed Hugh the JC Penney ‘Doghouse” ad on YouTube. Santa brought me 2 excellent rare books, and AppleTV.IMGP5252IMGP5258
We Kendalls are a hearty lot, and we have our priorities . First thing was to open the Champagne and orange juice. As you can see, this took both Dad and me to accomplish.IMGP5259IMGP5261IMGP5270IMGP5274IMGP5280
After a good breakfast, and before Christmas Dinner, we all went for a walk through Cullen Gardens. The City of Whitby took over the site, which remains parkland. We are quite lucky to be able to step out our door and have this only 150 yards away. We got back just as the sun was setting, and finished preparations for a big turkey dinner. Boxing Day saw Mom and Dad off to another series of parties, and we got ready to visit Kingston.IMGP5282
We stayed 2 nights in Kingston at Kathie and Brian’s new condo, visiting with Geoff, Janice, Henry, Diane , Maddy, Ben and Jill. The winds were stronger than
I had ever seen, and although the picture far right doesn’t do it justice, the lake, looking out to Wolfe Island (where there are no wolves, by the way) was foaming, with spindrift and 4 meter swells. We decided not to run, not because it was too hard, but because we didn’t want to get hit by airborne missiles. Jacqueline is modeling her head-to-toe Hannah Montana ensemble.
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