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Dec 2008

Preparing for Christmas, and our belated Christmas letter

To all of you who received your Christmas cards late this year, all I can say is just be thankful we don’t owe you any money. Sometimes the organization gets a bit lax around here, but we give points for eventual completion.

This years big news is that we have purchased a cottage. It's Laurie's family cottage that we have known for 15 years, on Big Gull Lake north of Kingston. We have a large bay with virtually no boat traffic, so the kids can skinny dip during the day (which George is wont to do).

Durham EndoSurgery Centre has expanded a bit this year, and we now have three surgeons, and a few other new staff. Laurie has joined the staff, and works there one and a half days a week in addition to her position at Lakeridge. Laurie and I ran the Ottawa Marathon this year , where she ran a PR of 3:22, and we both qualified for Boston 2009. Laurie won our annual head-to-head swim in the Peterborough Half Ironman, but I emerged victorious in the Kingston long course triathlon. I have returned to TCS for the annual Oxford Cup cross country race, and won a big silver cup for the fastest Old Guy. Impressed the kids, anyway. I'm playing hockey twice a week, but have had no offers yet from professional teams ... (or the Leafs). It's discouraging, but I'll keep training hard and I'm fairly sure this year will be the year.

Jacqueline played her first year of lacrosse this year, joined George for trampoline lessons in the Fall (!) and has started piano lessons. She is in her third year of French Immersion and her homework is starting to be beyond both Laurie and me.

George is 6, and just started his first year of French Immersion. He plays soccer in the summer, and hockey in the winter. He lost his first tooth just before Christmas... good news; the Tooth Fairy has not been hit by the financial meltdown and her payouts are unchanged. Both the kids are excellent swimmers and spend their time catching fish and frogs all summer.

Life is very good. Our parents are well, and we are somehow managing to mix work and play. These are some of the photos we included in our Christmas letter this year.
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