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Renovation 1

We decided to change the look of the great room, and part of that was the addition of built-in bookcases, and a new fireplace; something that looked much more like a traditional wood burning fireplace, without the glass doors, brass louvers, and woodstove visual queues. What a job. Early in the fall this meant investigating our chimney, having it re-topped, and finding that our existing unit was constructed with one of the smallest chimney pipes on the market, cemented in place, and the company was no longer in business. That meant our choices of all these newer wood burning fireplaces was severely limited. There are great units out there, but they vent through bigger chimneys.We could have knocked down the chimney, constructed a new masonry firebox and new chimney, but that seemed excessive (!). So after hours of web-surfing,we found a new, clean face fireplace that matched our chimney specs, sitting in the back of a shop in Tennessee. Another adventure to ship it to Canada. ANOTHER adventure to find someone who would install it. And yet more adventures to select a mantle, surround, and hearth stone. If you ever come over, be sure to say how much you like the new fireplace.
Demolition started on the Thursday, and the Floor was out by Friday. Friday the ceiling in the Front Hall was ripped out and re-drywalled (old water damage). New solid wood doors went in on Monday. Floor prepped for tile on Tuesday and the floor was laid out, installed, grouted and dry by Friday.

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