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Renovation 2 (Structural completion - almost)


Things are moving along. The floor was finished by the middle of the second week. The old pot lights were removed, and smaller halogen lights were installed throughout the space. The painting of the new solid doors, all the trim, and the entire room took 2 days only. The new posts were installed and painted under the kitchen island. Last week, nothing much happened for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. On Thursday, the bookcases were installed on the fireplace wall, as was the fireplace mantel. The remaining electricals were completed (pendant lights over the kitchen island) while we were away on March Break. The furniture should start arriving in a few weeks, as will the drapery. We still need to get a few tables, and the area rug. But the place looks much more light, and comfortable. Major victory in setting up the HDTV, Apple TV, and stereo, without blown fuses, or even much swearing. I was able to fish the speaker cable from left to right speakers in the bookcases through the gap behind the crown molding. More to come.DSCF0317DSCF0318DSCF0319DSCF0320IMGP5342IMGP5350IMGP5351_1IMGP5351IMGP5352
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