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Vieux Quebec

We are lucky enough to have an offer from Ed and Talitha to stay at a historic Canadian home inside the walls of the Old City, for the weekend. Tthe home, Maison Louis Vallee, was built in 1780. It has 31 inch thick stone walls, wood floors, four bedrooms and a large fireplace. It is also very well defended, with no less than 6 cannon and the walls of the fort within about 150 feet of the front door.

The weather was cold-ish (read: cold) and rainy. Perfect for sleeping late, shopping, reading by a fire, or having a few tankards of hot buttered rum in the bar of the Chateau Frontenac. We did all that. I highly recommend the Chateau Frontenac bar. It’s an especially cozy room; a large circular turret lit by chandeliers and picture lights, all stone walls and windows overlooking the grey St. Lawrence 200 feet below.

A nice dinner of Raclette on Friday, accompanied by some not so nice local Quebec wine (but who cares?). Saturday saw us venture into the frozen downpour to Le Saint Amour, where we had a spectacular meal.

Sunday Laurie and I ran from the house past the Chateau Frontenac, along les terasses, and the Promenade des Governeurs, to the Plains of Abraham, where we got in a few more km on a leafy, autumn trail.

All in all, a very nice weekend. Thank you’s to Ed, Talitha and their friends Catherine and Pierre,
LW checks out the Patisserie

It rained…

The Hotel de Ville decked out for Halloween

There was a Roots store…

Sitting room of out 1750 house

Seaway from the Ramparts, at night

A house i could live in…

Hmm.. LW takes a shortcut and ends up down THERE, while Ed, Talitha and I wait up HERE…

Ed, Talitha, Chateau Frontenac at the Citadel. St. Lawrence seaway, and beyond that, Portugal.

LW escapes the Citadel

First Canadian Colon
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