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Olympic Torch Relay


Thew Olympic torch relay came through Whitby very early in the morning, on one of the few really cold mornings of the year. The temperature was -18C. We got up well before 6:00 AM to get the kids moving.

The town had some hot chocolate being served, the only cost was to listen to the Mayor for a few words. The torch came preceeded by cheering young people who seemed unnaturally happy to be awake and outside in the freezing dawn. After a few ‘sponsorship floats’ had passed us by, we got a glimpse of the torch coming west along Rossland Road. Unfortunately it was being carried by someone who was unable to run even the short distance up the grade, which was a bit disappointing.

But the torch stopped just feet in front of us, and despite the high winds, stayed lit. It was passed to Ann Rohmer, who WAS able to run down to Brock Street without stopping. I made a movie of the torch relay that is on YouTube. It’s here.
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