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Last day of golf for the season

I joined a golf club. .. I know, I know.
But it’s a really nice club.

As should probably be the case with most clubs you join, the draw here was the people, more than the facility. Turns out Laurie and I know 5 couples who inhabit the place, and every time I went (as a guest) I seemed to run into someone else I know. Like I said; you can play golf anywhere, but if you want to play golf with your friends, why not play here.
the course is challenging, rolling, and stunning in summer and fall. It looks much different in Fall, when the fescue is cut. But I took these photos out playing with Tony Brown on October 28, and he played in shorts.

For a look at what Coppinwood looks like during the season, the website is HERE

Welcome to Coppinwood!

The Clubhouse from the Valley …


Tony Brown’s drive on 9. Clubhouse in the distance

No. 13 - par 5 and the lowest point on the 18 - spectacularly surrounded by hills and trees, and freakishly quiet.


Coyote on the 16th green
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